Friday, July 23, 2010

Velkommen Tilbake

Now this is more like it. Trees, trees, trees. Green, green, green. Air so fresh, you want to wash its mouth out with soap.

This is the view from my cousin's porch in Oslo. Well, its more the suburbs of Oslo, but unless you are in the heart of the city, it's all one big suburb compared to New Yawk. Not a loudmouthed goon or pitbull in sight. The flat overlooks a large, clean lake and campground where you can hear little kids singing in unison and splashing around in the water.

Norway at the stroke of midnight. It's a challenge to get accustomed to both the time zone change and the fact that it doesn't really get dark until 1am. I always spend the first day sleeping in tweaky fits like a dreaming dog, and become curmudgeonly cantankerous after awaking. Then I have a beer and get my act together.

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